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The Charis Beauty Collection Company offers opportunities for professional minded persons who love people and enjoy sharing with others the importance of good health and healthy skin care. We are looking for people who are inspiring, are team players, and who want to be on a winning team.

If you want to share with others our Charis Beauty Collection products and earn $25 to $50 or more per hour, come and take the Charis Beauty Collection Challenge. We are confident that if you use our skin care lines, you will find it very easy to share the value of them with others. When you use the our skin care system, the evidence of what they can do for your skin speaks for itself. 

The Charis Company was established 1989. We have a unique story. When we started our business my husband, John and I, were educators, in public schools. I had a history of problematic skin, from my teenage years and wanted an alternative skin care system that I could use to have healthier skin. As an adult, I had gone to dermatologist that tried medications and therapies that did little or nothing for my problem skin. Later, I began to use products with Aloe Vera, and was pleasantly surprised at the difference Aloe Vera made in my skin.

Noting the difference that these products made in my skin, I began to do research about the benefits of Aloe Vera as well as other natural ingredients for the skin, which inspired me to want to create a new line of skin care products that would benefit many others, myself as well as many others. The rest is history.

Prior to getting our business started and selling our own lines of skin care products, my husband felt called into the ordained ministry. To our surprise and dismay, we learned that the denomination, we were a part of did not want those who were ministers to work outside of the church. After much prayer and soul searching, we decided to put the business on the back burner until a more opportune time. In the meantime, my research intensified, and we spent our time learning the business and exploring ways to formulate more natural products. We wanted to create the best natural products for both women and men, including health enhancing product lines.

We are now in the process of reformulating all of our skin care products to be paraben-free and vegetarian/vegan friendly. Our goal is to have the best products that nature and science can offer. We have come a long way, and are just as excited as ever. We will not be done, until all of our products are as natural as possible, having the ingredients that will benefit both our skin and our bodies.

We have been faithful to God and our calling, and we strongly believe that God will be faithful to us as we begin anew our business. We bring a work ethic of honesty, integrity and inspiration to our business.

We are looking for people who can embrace our vision, our passion, and our goals, and want to join us as we become the Company to be a part of in the 21st century.

To join our journey, please contact us at: (678) 672-8636 or


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