About Us


Who Are We

 The CHARIS BEAUTY COLLECTION, INC. was created in the fall of 1989 by Gloria J. Penn. This company was created for the purpose of providing a healthy alternative in skin care products for both women and men. We can now affirm this claim. We have reformulated our skin care product line, which contains 100% natural ingredients, many of them are organic. They not only will enhance the health of your skin, but also make the skin look beautiful and youthful. We specialize in giving you peace of mind. Our new skin care products are paraben-free, GMO-free, nontoxic, laboratory tested, and vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

Our Passion

We takes pride in providing skin care, health care and cosmetics for both men and women. Charis introduces you to a new concept in skin care, designed to keep your skin clean and healthy. THE NATURAL WAY! Take the Charis skin care challenge to a whole new world of skin care. Our skin care system is made to accommodate all skin types: dry, oily, combination or sensitive.

Our Mission

When we decided to establish our beauty and skincare company, we chose the word Charis. This would be our Brand. Charis in Greek means grace. We wanted to create skincare products that would be natural to the skin and would also clean and beautify the skin, without doing harm. This is our mission. We are committed to creating skincare products that give peace of mind, that we are not harming our bodies, and are gracious and gratifying. As a result, our skincare products are plant-based, natural, and have no chemical synthetics, including our preservatives, artificial fragrances, or phthalates.

We pledge to our customers that our natural skin care products will enhance a more healthier and beautiful you. If you're not satisfied, there is a 30-day money back policy. Contact us here: