Charis Natural Lead-free Lipsticks

20th Feb 2018

Charis Natural LipsticksMany ladies do not realize that the lipsticks they use may still contain lead, other toxic metals, and dangerous chemicals. Several highly recognized name brands found in de … read more

Charis Face Oil

Posted by Gloria J. Penn, C.E.O. on 26th May 2015

The Charis Face Oil contains six organic face oils and kosher vitamin E oil. The oils used are selected for their qualities that benefit the facial skin and are suitable for all skin types, such as … read more
Best Results: Using Charis Feet & Body Butter

Best Results: Using Charis Feet & Body Butter

Posted by John I. Penn on 4th Mar 2015

Charis Feet & Body ButterTo get the best results with our excellent Feet & Body Butter, do the following: (1) Clean and remove the dead skin from your feet. (2) Moisturize your feet with ou … read more

Shave Whisperer

Posted by John on 18th Dec 2014

Men, have you been looking for a shave product that will ease the pain of shaving and give you a good shaving experience? Look no further. The Charis Aloe Vera Gel is your  one stop solution. Bec … read more