​Nine Reasons (and more) to Use Charis Natural Skin Care Products

Posted by Gloria J. Penn, C.E.O. on 16th Feb 2015

​Nine Reasons (and more) to Use Charis Natural Skin Care Products

Here are nine reasons (and more) to use Charis natural skin care products:

1. Charis Natural Skin Care is 100% natural and has many organic ingredients. The advantage of this is that the products are healthier, more nutritious for the skin, and not harmful to the body. (There can be an allergy, even to ingredients that are normally considered safe).

2. Charis Natural Skin Care has natural anti-aging ingredients, such as the AC Party Pom in the moisturizer, which has orange and pomegranate peptides. Others include Green Tea and Vitamin E.

3. The Moisturizer has a creamy texture and requires much less to use. It is not greasy and is excellent for wearing with or without makeup.

4. The Charis natural skin care has natural preservatives. Many chemical preservatives are absorbed by the body. Some, although not proven to cause cancer have been found in the breast of women, such as synthetic parabens.

5. The Charis skin care products contain no fragrance. Many women cannot wear synthetic fragrance. Some fragrances are toxic and associated with allergies.

6. Charis Natural Skin Care is contained in airless bottles. Airless bottles help to protect the product from bacteria that may be in the atmosphere or on the fingers.

7. Charis Skin Care is GMO free (is not altered at the gene level).

8. Charis Skin Care is sensitive skin friendly and has been laboratory tested on fifty persons for the possibility of skin reactions. Out of fifty people no one had a reaction.

9. Charis Skin Care has been laboratory tested to test whether the products can stand up against bacteria, mold and mildew.

And More:

10. Charis skin care is vegetarian/vegan friendly.

11. Charis skin care is free of known xenoestrogens.

12. Charis skin care has been developed with women in mind who have endometriosis and rosacea.

Take the Charis skin care challenge and discover how our natural skin care products separate us from those companies.