Shave Whisperer

Posted by John on 18th Dec 2014

Men, have you been looking for a shave product that will ease the pain of shaving and give you a good shaving experience? Look no further. The Charis Aloe Vera Gel is your  one stop solution. Because I am bald, I shave four or five times a week. I have been using our new certified Aloe Vera Gel, which gives me a smooth and clean shave every time. I call our new aloe gel, the "shave whisperer," because the razor glides over the skin with ease. Just a quarter size amount will shave both my head and face. Plus, it acts as an cool, soothing antiseptic, which keeps away razor burn. You have to try this for your self and get the best shave experience of your life. Order our 8 once bottle and experience the shave whisperer. If you don't like it, or get good results, we will refund your money in full in 30 days. click here to learn more